Lacto Fermented Mirabelle Plums

I’ve been a bit lazy this year with the abundance of wild plums both on and off the tree’s. However, whilst driving into work one morning I couldn’t bare to see the wind swept plums on the roadside decaying away before my very eyes. So I decided to pick a bagful of mirabelle or cherry […]

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Lacto Fermented Wild Garlic

With wild garlic in full flow I always like to make the most of the short season. Here’s a simple recipe with minimal ingredients but maximum flavour. The salt in this recipe will not only act as a preservative but season the wild garlic too. In a nut shell the percentage of salt to wild […]

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Pine Catkin Capers

With pine catkins just starting to come into season I thought I’d use them as the star ingredient in this super fresh caper recipe. There is a really short window to harvest the catkins before they mature and start to produce the delicious, highly medicinal pollen, which of course can be gathered and used in […]

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Velvet Shanks and Wood Ears

Foraging in the winter time can be a little sparse and at times frustrating. With most things coming to an end or going into hibernation you need to have your wits about you. This is also a time to enjoy preserves, ferments and pickles that were made in preparation for this very occasion. However there […]

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Amaretti Biscuit Recipe

A delicious, super simple recipe that uses up excess egg whites and can be flavoured and adapted to your own taste. I love these biscuits with a cup of coffee but also work well to accompany desserts as well as being used to replace sponge fingers in trifle/tiramisu recipes. You can make the mix, portion […]

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Grasmere style Fiery Gingerbread

This is my take on the best gingerbread I have ever eaten from a little village called Grasmere in the Lake District. If you haven’t been to the Lakes, let alone the Grasmere gingerbread shop then put it on your bucket list. They claim to have invented gingerbread back in 1854, created by a Victorian […]

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Gateaux Basque

My take on the traditional basque cake, I’ve loaded this one with cherry jam and meadowsweet custard. It’s super indulgent and incredibly moorish. With cherries bang in season and literally hanging off the trees I thought it would be a no brainer to use cherries. I have chosen to flavour the custard as I think […]

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How to make Shortcrust Pastry

Here’s simple method to making traditional shortcrust pastry by hand. I have added some seaweed powder and cayenne pepper to this as it was being used for a duck egg, garden pea, mint and Brie quiche. But of course you can just leave it out and go more traditional. Shortcrust pastry Ingredients 200g plain flour […]

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Duck Noodle soup

This is a fairly simple recipe but of course takes time, if you’re not confident on butchering a while duck then ask your butcher to do it for you. Have a go, chop and change the ingredients to your liking and remember, there are no rules in cooking! : ) Duck broth 1 tablespoon of […]

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Winter Chanterelles

we are officially into winter chanterelle season here in Berkshire. With the excitement of its golden counterpart (chanterelle) coming to an end it’s always reassuring to know the winter chanterelle is just around the corner. I always tend to find them in the mossy patches of the woodlands especially in coniferous forests and beech woodlands. […]

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A Sunny Seaside Forage

Last week I managed to spend a couple of days on the banks of the river Blackwater in Tollesbury, Essex. The wild sea herbs and vegetables were just sprouting into life whilst making the most of the late sunshine. I found all sorts within a mile radius with so much more growth and variants coming […]

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Wild Garlic oil

This is a fantastic way to use up and preserve the essence of wild garlic. It can then be used in so many ways and really enhances your day to day recipes. I personally like to use the wild garlic to make mayonnaise, pesto, salsa verde and salad dressings but it’s also great to fry […]

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Blackthorn Flower Honey

With the blackthorn bursting into bloom and perfuming the air with their sweet, vanilla and almond fragrance, now is the time to start collecting and capturing the essence. This is a super simple recipe that can be used in so many different ways. I like to pick the flowers and within the hour, load them […]

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Foragers Pesto

I’m often left with excess wild greens after getting over excited whilst out on a walk or forage. I’ve always used the phrase ‘take what you need, not what you want’ however I still manage to bend the rules. I’ve started using them up in a pesto style sauce, not that I can call it […]

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Foraging Winter Greens

With the springtime fast approaching there is still plenty of winter greens in their prime waiting to be picked. I was walking along the Thames in Runnymede, Berkshire and spotted wintercress, bastard cabbage and cow parsley all in its absolute element. I couldn’t resist, so I picked a bag full and took it home to […]

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